Helloooo! You are here to know about me and my fabulous blog, right? So let me get this straight for you (in a sweet way).

Not all girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. I am made of sarcasm, wine and everything fine.

I am the only 17 year old version of Reet Lonari from India.

Things I love:

Writing//Coffee//Family//OTH//Being Sassy


You might be thinking, what made Reet start this blog? Well, here is the answer.

In school, we always had English assignments where we had to write something creative and out of the box and from my perspective I was pretty good at it (love yourself, girl!) And my dad thought the same about it and he wanted me to do something more with my writing. This is where the blog entered!

This isn’t the only reason, there are myriad more:

I want to motivate girls to chase their dreams, in high heels of course!

I don’t want the girls to wake up in the morning, just to be mediocre for the rest of the day; I want them to be the stellar people they actually are.

I don’t want them to lose hope, if their life isn’t perfect their outfits can be, which I can help them for.

I don’t want them to change for anyone, I want them to love themselves because they are awesome!


Here, on Flaunt, all the thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.
All the pictures are mine unless stated otherwise in the blog post itself.
I am the legal copyright holder to all the information and pictures (that are mine) and if you wish to use any of it, you can email me at flauntblog@gmail.com regarding the same.
All the information is just for entertainment purpose.
If sponsors or any company want me to review a product I will give my honest view about it in any case.

All sponsored would be marked with a *.

Signing off,



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