The Vanity Affair|Nashik

Second huge event in just a month? Well, I am actually having the time of my life haha!

So the other day, that is the 15th of April I got the chance to visit one of the most glamorous and remarkable events of my hometown, Nashik! It’s not often that we get to experience such a jamboree in this city, so whenever we actually do – we grab the bull by the horns! Not literally, duh!

Okay so let me get straight to the talk of today’s post: The Vanity Affair. The name itself gives you a little idea of what the whole thing is about. Basically, TVA is a new venture curated by Gauri Thakker and Naina Birdi. Their main aim with this one of a kind project is to be the platform between the designers over the country and the residents of the city! They both are following their passion towards fashion! Well, how great does that sound? Not only will it make the city a little more up to date but also make them aware of the fashion choices they have to choose from!

Kudos to the both of them for coming up with such a phenomenal idea!


So this fashion exhibition took place in Nashik’s Thakker’s Dome on the 15th and the 16th of April. It was inaugurated by Lopamudra Raut (Miss United Continents, 2nd runner-up)

The exhibition commenced with beautiful ladies of the city walking the ramp in all the designer outfits, present in the exhibition. It was great to see all these ladies flaunt their outfits so well. The showstopper of the evening was, of course, Lopamudra Raut who looked elegant in her royal blue two piece suit.

In chat with the showstopper of the evening, Lopamudra gave one very fine fashion advice:

Dress according to your body shape.

Well, we can’t possibly disagree right? Dressing according to your body shape is one the most crucial things one has to keep in mind. Otherwise, the whole outfit you spent hours on would just go to waste.


The exhibition was full of well-known designers from over the country. They had such beautiful and trendy pieces to offer, it was quite difficult to keep your hand or wallet off anything haha! People who attended this event would totally agree with me, right? It had designers like

  • Rumours
  • Dimple Shroff
  • Ritu Kumar
  • Khusnuma Khambata
  • Meraki
  • Anmol Kakad
  • Oja
  • Zuilee
  • Aarti Vijay Gupta
  • Om Creations
  • Adam
  • Brahma Karma
  • Shankh Creation

Here are some pictures from the exhibition:


You can check them out here.

Signing off,




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