The Lil Flea| Mumbai

One thing I like about Summer is, it has just so so so many festivals, concerts and what not! You can really have the time of your life if you have the ability to ignore the perfect and pleasant weather (ha! What am I even saying?)

So the other weekend, I wended my way to The Lil Flea which was at Jio Garden BKC, Mumbai. I have been hearing about it for the past 2 years but never got the chance of visiting it! Fortunately, I got the opportunity this year and attended my first Summer festival/ flea market for this year! How exciting is that!

And what’s even more exciting is that I have pretty lil snapshots of the event for all those who couldn’t visit it this year. Well, keep the ‘thank yous’ on hold for now.

Okay so first let me start with a teeny bit information about The Lil Flea. So basically, Lil Flea is a plethora of ‘pop up shops’, music, food and myriad other fun activities which every single person my age or even older could enjoy to the fullest. I literally saw people of all different ages there – it was quite fascinating.

‘Two Weekends Of Happiness’ is what they go by, and I totally agree with them. Although I just went there on the first day of their second weekend: the 8th of April. Better late than never right? Too clichéd but whatever.


Now let me start with describing my most adored thing in the whole wide world: Music! The music there was just so so so spiffing, I had one of the best evenings there. Not kidding! But again, people have different choices right?

The bands were so interactive and talented. Now that’s a perfect combination! Am I right?



Now that’s my second favourite thing ever, good décor means good stuff for Instagram right? Don’t tell me I am the only who gets excited looking at pretty stuff at events like these. Moreover, The Lil Flea had such pretty and tumblr-ish bits and bobs displayed all around Jio Garden. Here are some pictures to help your imagination:



Some Of My Favourite Shops:

There were such cute little shops which had things literally anyone could swoon over! I couldn’t help my self and had to take some pictures to share it with you all.




Well food is bae (I can’t believe I am being so clichéd but seriously food is everything!) But, I still didn’t have the time or the appetite to try all the different food stuff they had to offer. All I tried was the charcoal juice from RAW (I am OBSESSED!), cranberry lemonade and the pizza cone!



They had a freaking book exchange which I was totally unaware of! But how cool is that!


That’s it! Sorry for the load of images I have in this post, but I just had to share! You get it right?

Signing off,




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