Say Hey To White 2.0

Well well well, guess who’s back?

I feel like I have more ‘comeback’ posts than any anyone in this entire blogging community.

Anyway, getting back to the topic – the second outfit styling white shoes is FINALLY here! YAY! I hope it was worth the wait and also, I hope you have read my previous post so that you aren’t clueless right now. Here is the link.

So this outfit is one of my utter favourites!  I have been wanting to style it since such a long time, you have absolutely no idea. (I know I have said the same thing for all the outfits I have styled but that just shows my love and passion for what I do) (I didn’t want to be this deep but..)

So, today’s outfit is perfect for a Summer day out with family/friends because friends are family S/O to all my homies! (excuse my cheesiness) Or even just a day at work. You can take the styling a level higher by adding a statement necklace or by heavy makeup, whatever suits your choice.

*This post is shorter than usual because I have already talked about styling white shoes in detail in my last post.


Shirt: Westside | Skirt: Vero Moda | Shoes: Marks & Spencers | Watch: Fossil

Signing off,




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