What To Wear: Cafe Crawl II Finale

Okay so first lets get all the doubts cleared (if in case you have any, duhhh).

I am sure your first question would have been ‘What’s cafe crawl?’, that’s only if you don’t live in Nashik or if you do, you’ve been living under a rock.

So, Cafe Crawl is a chain of events brought by Fitoor.Inc  at all the cool and hip places of the town. So, tomorrow that is the 29th January Fitoor.Inc is bringing you the Finale of Cafe Crawl. And one thing I am VERY sure about is that you definitely can’t miss this event. You HAVE to be there. But, if you’re worrying about to wear for this event then you need not worry. I have three chic last minute outfits ready for you here *smirks*

1. The all-eyes-on-me look

Okay so this outfit leans towards the feminine style (I have no idea what that meant but you got the idea right?) Anyway, I am sure you would be well aware of the fact that off-shoulder tops are totallllyyy the new cool and literally every single celebrity has been daunting it. Well, why can’t you then? Give it a try!



Top – Forever 21 | Skirt – Zara | Heels – Charles & Keith | Choker – Forever 21

2. The too-cool-for-you look

Okay so this outfit is for all the non-girly girls out there, let’s just pretend that, that made sense. So if you are someone who stays away from skirts and likes to be comfortable at ALL times then you need to try this outfit. It’s comfortable yet appropriate. It’s simple yet chic. It has a too-cool-for you vibe yet it signals people that you are not one to mess with!


T-Shirt – Vero Moda | Shorts – Zara | Shoes – Adidas 

3.  Way too boho

So this is a very laid back outfit but if you just want to enjoy the amazing music, chill and have the time of your lives without really worrying about your appearance all the freaking time then this is your outfit! Again it’s comfortable, pretty and appropriate for this event. Honestly what else do you need?


Singlet & Shrug – Forever 21 | Pants – HM | Heels – Vincci

Andddd that’s it! These are three easy and lovely outfits which makes The Cafe Crawl finale even harder to miss out on.

Also, don’t forget to add me on Snapchat for all the madness we are going to experience at the finale tomorrow!

Signing off,




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