All Grey ft. Sweater Dress

Hi there!

Okay I know this post was supposed to go up on Friday but, the person writing this (that’s me) is a huge procrastinator and when I say huge, it literally means HUGE!

Anyway, today’s post is inspired by my most adored colour: grey. I know I know, it’s such a dull colour but there’s actually something very beautiful about it. I don’t know what it is but I am just obsessed with it. Isn’t it just so gorgeous? Okay, I’ll stop obsessing over a colour.

So the outfit I am wearing is just a simple sweater dress from Forever 21 and some really cute boots from SheIn. All in all, it’s a really laid-back and plain ensemble which can literally be worn anywhere. Minus the desert, beach or any such place where you would sweat like a donkey! (Do donkeys really sweat?) Oh God, I am so funny *shrugs*

Back to the outfit, you can wear this outfit anywhere where you could get away with wearing such a short dress and not shivering to death. Just like my hometown – the weather here is not *oh my god it’s so cold I need to wear like 6438 layers to keep me warm* and neither is it *winter? what’s that?*. It’s terribly pleasant where I live and I love that! So if you live at some place like this, this can totally be your next go to outfit.






Sweater dress: Forever 21| Boots: SheIn

Ps, S/O to SheIn for sending me these boots, aren’t they just so cute!

Signing off,






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