My Blog Is ONE + I’m Back (for real)

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Okay so the worst blogger of the year award goes to *drumroll* ME!

I have been so MIA for the past 2-3 months on this blog and I have a short explanation for it.

So, I am currently a junior college student and sometimes, life gets pretty tough you know. To start of with, I am a huge procrastinator so if I have several tasks to finish off in a day I usually carry them forward to the whole week. Which leaves me lagging behind on certain important aspects of my life like: blogging.

But, I have decided to balance my time between blogging and college and this time that’s a pinky promise!


Okay so last year in December my blog turned 1 (eeekkk!) That means I have been blogging for one whole year which is pretty insane because I always thought that I would quit within a few months time. But, no that didn’t happen and I am so so so SO happy it didn’t.

During this year, I experienced so many new things, made so many new friends (whom I need to catch up with super soon) and just had the best time ever! I am just so glad that I decided to start a blog on a boring evening on December 6th 2015. Oh, how much I love exaggerating!

However, this year is going to be different. ‘And how Reet?’ you ask?

Well for starters, I am going to be posting content regularly and I would try not to miss even one day. There will be a new post every Friday!

Next, I am going to make a YouTube channel! Yes yes, I know I need to be consistent with my blog first so once I am in good routine with that…there’s going to be a YouTube channel.

In addition, I am looking forward to collaborate with as many brands as possible so if you are a brand looking for great bloggers , here’s one! (shameful self promotion)

So these are my three blogging goals for the year and I am so determined to achieve it.

Lastly, I really want to thank each and every one of you who’s ever made time to read my blog, comment on it, like my instagram pictures and my ‘funny’ tweets and what not! I REALLY wouldn’t have done it without you all, just ignore how cheesy this line sounds. So a BIG thank you.

Ps, it would be really great if you helped me reach 1000 followers on my blog. I will be ever so grateful to you.

Signing off,




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