Childhood Reminiscing

Childhood. Oh my sweet childhood.

How many times have you ever just gone through your photos from that time when you dreamed of being a teenager and have been like “I looked so adorable back then, why did I ever grow up?”

I am sure it would have been a million times. Don’t tell me I am the only who does this.

Childhood was the only phase where you wanted to be a teenager more than anything in this universe; every day and night you would make up fantasies of being a teenager one fine day and do all things cool. Like? Starting high school. Going out with friends. Driving cars. And seriously what not?

I have a very vivid memory of me sitting in my Dad’s car, going home from a great holiday and thinking to myself as I stared at a very beautiful ‘teen’ girl in the car next to ours “Will I ever be as pretty as her when I grow up?” “Will people like me or will they treat me as a nobody?” “How would I be as a teenager?”

These thoughts literally scared me. That was the only time I was scared of growing up.

But, how I wish I was a child again. Literally being my mom’s shadow 24/7 and playing with my dad until I was dead-tired. If you ask my family, they would definitely tell you I look like a big girl but actually I have a brain of a 5 year old. And, rather than being offended by this I actually take it as a compliment. Because tell me, nowadays who can remember bringing out the child in them and not take life seriously for a moment? Okay, this got very cheesy in just a sentence.

My childhood is always going to hold a very noteworthy place in my heart. And, trust me when I say this- if someone asks me to take only some precious things with me and leave all my other belongings forever, all my childhood pictures are going to be with me. I would never lose them for anything in this world.


Here’s me walking for the very first time.

To be frank, I didn’t know what I was going to write in this certain post but I just decided to go with what my mind had to say and I really really wanted to do this post because I haven’t seen a single blogger talk about their childhood.

Therefore, I am tagging some of my favourite bloggers in doing this post. Hope you guys accept it and share one vivid childhood memory of yours.

  1. Jhalak Ubhriyani 
  2. Roxy Online
  3. Lani Rae
  4. Parie Joshi
  5. Lily Olivia

Signing off,





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