Let’s Be Fearless

To be frank, this post hadn’t made it to my monthly blogging calendar. But, the other day I went ahead and gave my hair a nice big chop (at least, that’s what I think it was). And from my perspective, I think that was a huge thing. Because, nowadays who decides to cut their hair short spontaneously? The answer is, very very VERY less people. Owing to the fact that, many people aren’t daring enough to take a step towards such kind of a change or any other type of difference in their lifestyle I thought of doing this kind of a post.

In all sincerity, I am not fearless. To some extent, yes! Don’t forget the keyword: ‘some’. There have been so many opportunities which I let go of just because I was sacred. And, no matter how many motivating quotes I go through on Pinterest every single day of my life, I am still not brave enough to do things which seem daunting to me.

Therefore, I decided to make a list of all the things which WE could do together to delete the word ‘scary’ or ‘terrifying’ from your mind’s dictionary. Because being fearless rewards you with tons and tons of surprises and do not give me the crap about “Oh, I don’t like surprises” since surprises are always loved by everyone whether you believe it or not.

So let’s complete all the tasks on this list and be fearless ever after (I tried not to make it cheesy but..)

Ps, this is how my hair looks like now! Let me know how it is, in the comments below!


  1. Be Yourself: being fearless means being who YOU are rather than being someone you’re not. There’s a different kind of feeling in being authentic.
  2. Learn From Failure: so what if you failed that driving test? You can try again and learn from what you did wrong.
  3. Socialise With People: don’t be afraid of talking to new people and making new friends.
  4. Voice Your Opinion: never be afraid to be heard by others. Always, take the stand and make your opinions audible to everyone out there.
  5. Take Risks: if you don’t take risks in life you would be living a boring life. you need some excitement too, right?
  6. Learn New Things: throughout your life, keep on learning something new. It will help you acquire myriad skills which I bet would come handy at least once in your life.
  7. Be Optimistic: there is no harm in expecting the best and forming scenarios which always end with a happy ending.
  8. Challenge Yourself: always set challenges for yourself which will help you raise the bar high.
  9. Stand Up For Yourself: in today’s world where SO many women are attacked by sexism, standing up for yourself shouts that you are fearless. So next time when someone tries to misbehave with you, make them feel very sorry for themselves.
  10. Ignore The Haters: because haters are gonna hate (I am just too cliché) But, people are going to talk about you whether you do what you want or what pleases them so just let them go and do what makes YOU happy.

Are you going to try this?

Signing off,




26 thoughts on “Let’s Be Fearless”

  1. Love the new hair and post! I chopped a lot of hair off at the beginning of the year too. From almost to my butt to shoulders :0 I agree with every one of your points and try to live them every day. Some are harder than others, but its a work in progress. Until the world excepts you for you, there will always be haters. But who’s to say what is “normal” anyways?! Tal xo

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    1. Oh, that’s such a huge change and one of the many things that make you fearless. Because long hair are a girl’s most precious things, right? Oh yes, totally! Just be you and the world will adjust. xx


  2. I’m so going to do this with you! In my most recent blogpost I actually just talked about the insecurities I have when it comes to voicing my own opinion & sharing my thoughts with people so that’s my number one thing to work on. I’m nowhere near to being a fearless person but I love the list you created and all the points you mentioned are things I want to get better at 🙂 x


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    1. I am so happy that you are joining me in this. And also, I am very glad that you are willing to work on yourself, that’s such a good quality you’ve got! All the best with it, keep me updated 🙂


  3. Get it girl. I love your comment ignore the haters. Recently I’ve been dealing with some stupid drama about a rumor that was started, and all I gotta say is, you have to focus on yourself sometimes and keep your head up!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Anytime, as a new blogger, I would love if you could check out my new blog-jerushaann233.wordpress.com and follow it up and comment so I know your views, since you have been my inspiration to go ahead with the idea in the first place. I’d love that, thank you 🙂


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