How To Find Your Style

Style is something very important for any type of a person to know and most importantly, knowing their own style unless of course they are a celebrity stylist then it’s a totally different story.


I know I am not the only one who stands in front of my wardrobe everyday, contemplating all my outfit choices for the day, you have been there too (I know and I understand *sighs*) But, what I assume is once you know what YOUR style is this struggle can totally vanish away from the surface of the Earth! I am not joking. This is because, once you know what looks  good on you, what you like wearing and what is trending nowadays – it can be very easy for you to make ALL your outfit choices. I repeat all your outfit choices.

Because let’s face it, we always peg away our time finding that one perfect outfit either for our big graduation day; for our best friend’s wedding; for that most awaited date with your middle school crush etc etc. And waste SO much of our precious and irreplaceable time in finding that one exemplary outfit which won’t even matter in 10 years. Okay okay, i will stop being so fashion philosophical now.

Also, I decided to do this post for you because it’s tricking New York Fashion Week time (which you would know if you aren’t leaving under a rock) and just like me, you must totally be swooning over all the extravagantly fashionable clothes. And also just like me, you might be sitting in front of your laptop screen and patiently waiting for the time when you could buy all the outfits you screenshot. This would be impossible unless you don’t know your style.




Basically what this translates into is, look around for inspirations. Skim through Pinterest, WeHeartIt, Instagram and all the other social media sites for outfit inspiration. Just keep on going unless you find an outfit for yourself and be like “I need to look like that” and then save that image. At this stage you won’t be very clear what exactly looks good on you so try asking your best friend or mom to help you decide if a specific trend will suit your body type or not. One more way to get inspired is by any style icon you are utterly obsessed with. Like, I am truly, madly and deeply obsessed with Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner’s style. Yes, they have vivid fashion choices but my style is mix and match of both of them.


Are you most attracted to graphic tees? Or palazzo pants? Or even those glittery sneakers? Just make a list of all the items you fancy and make sure that they are in your wardrobe. Because these are the things, you feel good and confident and therefore it forms your style.


Not everyone can wear all the colors available on the color palette, right? You need to know what color looks good on you, which color compliments the tan you spent hours perfecting. So experiment with different colors and then come to a conclusion.


What I really mean by this is throw out the items you wouldn’t want be seen wearing in a  car accident (get the reference? hint: Gilmore Girls) These items which you don’t wear or don’t feel comfortable in aren’t a part of your style. Also, start with keeping all your favourite and go to clothing items aside and then decide if all the other clothes in your wardrobe match your favourite items or not. If they don’t, it’s time to bid goodbye.


Keeping up with trends has become rather easy nowadays because of the millions of social media sites we are exposed to. Therefore, find a trend that you absolutely love, try it on and if it looks good on you then stock up your wardrobe with some of them. This way, you will always be trending and also be comfortable in it because that is YOUR style.


I am so so SO guilty of doing this whenever I am heading out the door. Sometimes I do it for my Instagram (ha!) and the other times I do this because then the next time i am heading out, this outfit can be my inspiration.

What do you think your style is?

Signing off,




22 thoughts on “How To Find Your Style”

  1. Some great tips here! My style is starting to get… boring! I wear mostly black, some floaty kimonos and very high shoes. It became my signature look but I can feel that it is time to spice it up.. Great advice about making a list of favorite pieces. Will try that!x

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