Mixing The Trends

Guess who’s back? Well, I am obviously and so are my lame jokes!

In this 15 day blogging break of mine, I realised how much I love blogging! I have missed it so much, like seriously.

Anyways, back to today’s post. Well, I know how much you guys love these outfit posts and how much I love making them for you so here’s one for you (I am not sure if this sentence made sense but..whatever) 

Lately, I have noticed that many people in the fashion world have been styling caps in almost all of their outfits. Greasy hair? Cap. Sunny weather? Cap. Want to be all tumblr-y? Cap.

Not to forget, how many pictures I have liked on  Instagram that had those pair of jeans which every family detests- boyfriend jeans. Whenever I wear mine, I am bombarded with only one type of comment from my ménage :”Let’s go buy you some new jeans!” but whatever, I still love them (my family I mean, and my bf jeans too *face palm*)

The other trend I have been loving are the flannels, I don’t actually like wearing them but rather tying them around my waist- such a waste of money..not really! They instantly take your #ootd to a whole new level, what else do you need?

Therefore, I decided to mix all these three trends together in one outfit and present it to you..voilà! Hope you like it!





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