Pocket Perfumes by Neesh

*All views are 100% honest and not biased what so ever.


With this weather change, we aren’t ever sure if we are going to be greeted by rain or shine when we step out. And, it is very important to dress according to the weather right? Otherwise, you will be a total sweaty mess. And, that’s not something people fancy (I am sure you were aware of that)

Therefore, today’s post is all about these cute little pocket perfumes by Neesh. When I first saw them I was literally shocked about the fact that they look so small but smell SO good!


These are not only good for those who are always on the go, but also if you are just going to the movies or coffee with your girls, because these are so light and teeny! They can fit in your purse, backpack or your wallet. YES! How cool is that?

I was sent 3 perfumes by Neesh and below are the reviews for all three of them. But, there is a whole variety of these perfumes on their site, here.

# 1 Attar-E-Ishq

This is my most preferred one amongst the three of them. Once you smell this, it transforms you into a whole different world. Where everything is calm, clean and peaceful.  At first, you can actually smell nutmeg, bakhoor and cedar wood and once it settles:vanilla. Moreover, you don’t need to keep using it (unless you really need it) because it stays on for almost 3-4 hours.


# Rose E Mohabatt

This one would have been my favourite if there was nothing like Attar-E-Ishq but unfortunately there is. Although that doesn’t reduce the chances of me buying this particular one if I ever got the chance to. Just like the name, the fragrance makes you feel luxurious too. It’s a beautiful mixture of rose and lavender and a hint of honeysuckle.


# Eau-De-Mehfil

This perfume has a tinge of sweetness to it when you first smell it. For those like me, it will give you an headache which would last for a few minutes. But, it is a beautiful fragrance altogether. This perfume is perfect for any gala-ish event. It catches your attentions in just one whiff.


These pocket perfumes costs Rs.340 each. Yes, they look very small but I am sure they would last a long time and are totally worth your buy if you are the one who constantly needs to look fresh (all of us, right?)

If you wish to buy any of these you can visit Neesh and choose the one you fancy!

Which one of the 3 perfumes do you think suits you the best?

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