The Power Of Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep. I bet half of you would have done a perfunctory click on this post (but if you are still reading it then, thank you!) and the other half would have reveled over the fact that I made a post regarding a topic which has been rumoured to be suitable only for the leading ladies of the film industry.

Well, I know for a fact that beauty sleep is not only for the glam queens whom we see in the movies, beauty sleep is for everyone! Even the men, yes! 


Basically, beauty sleep is the sufficient amount of sleep needed to keep one looking young and beautiful. So, even the lads need to look young and handsome right? Everyone wants to look like someone in their salad’s days because that’s one of the sources of confidence, am I right or am I right? Yes, I am!

So, even if you are from the boy squad no-one will judge if you keep on reading and even if someone does, you can be as negligent as you want and ignore them thoroughly!

Before starting with the points I want to let you know that, these factors are only applicable after a good 8-9 hour sleep.


Our very first point is …clear skin. While you are sleeping,  your skin gets a chance to improve itself therefore when you wakeup the next day your skin feels fresh and clean. Mind-blowing, right?


Secondly, if you are a night owl and love staying up late and doing absolutely nothing productive then you might as well catch some zzz’s. Because a lack of sleep equals to stress which results into blackheads and pimples. Now, would you fancy being a night owl?


Next, let’s talk about that pretty complexion of yours. Here’s the science behind a radiant complexion after your beauty sleep. When you are tired, the blood does not flow efficiently and while you are sleeping, you are actually restoring your energy therefore the blood flows smoothly and gives you a bright skin tone!


*  Conditions applied, haha (always wanted to do this)

For this point, you need to apply a lip balm right before you go in the arms of Morpheus. When you do this, the lip balm has time to skin in and make your lip smooth and luscious!


Don’t forget you need to exercise too because sleep isn’t the answer to being fit! When you are well rested you don’t have stress much therefore, you won’t overeat because of your stress.

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Are you a night-owl or a morning person?

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