Flaunt Reads: Unrivaled by Alyson Noël

Fame. Greed. Hollywood. Passion. Lies.

These words basically sums up the whole plot of this book which I literally devoured. In our generation, where fame is everything and there are absolutely no boundaries that a person is willing to cross to be ‘the next big thing’, this book is actually a piece of art (not exaggerating this time!)

I literally had a dictionary in one hand and this book in the other, it’s not only written beautifully but also, you can realise that the choice of words is done very thoroughly.


Okay so first let’s start with me giving you a gist of this awe-inspiring book. So, basically this book has 4 main characters: Madison Brooks Hollywood’s 18 year old actress; Layla a celebrity gossip blogger (my favourite character, of course!) who wants to collect enough money to study for Journalism ; Aster a struggling actor whose only dream is to be the next Madison and lastly, Tommy a talented musician from Oklahoma who migrated to L.A just to hear fans cheer his name…once he makes a name for himself.

These characters except, Madison, are looking for a break which would help them pursue their dreams and live happily ever after..something that only exists in novels. But, little did they know that it’s not that easy to do so. Even after you are given a chance which may take you a step closer to your dreams, there can be many ups and downs. And I mean MANY. Firstly, you will have to lie. Lose your job. Disobey your parents. Now you know what I mean? But Layla, Tommy and Aster are all willing to do so, just for one competition for the famous: Ira Redman. This particular person owns a long chain of different clubs and he is looking for people, mostly the young ones to promote his clubs. And, obviously he is looking for a bunch of youthful peeps because who else would be disposed to cross any boundaries that come in their way to achieve what they have in mind? Yes, you know the answer.


Okay, so this wasn’t a gist and I am pretty sure I have let out more information than needed..sorry not sorry.

The two things that I utterly adore about this book, is the way Layla’s, Tommy’s and Aster’s lives are connected just because of one thing. Dreams. Which they are yet to fulfil. The second thing is the manner in which Alyson Noël (our beautiful author) has named each chapter. Totally appropriate.


I would highly recommend you to get your hands on this amazing piece of work because you won’t regret it. But yes, I do have to warn you that this is a trilogy therefore this book ends with a cliffhanger so…enjoy!

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Which is that one dream of yours which you think is totally impossible to fulfil but you are still hoping on achieving one day?

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