How To Style: Button-Up Skirt


Whatever…my all time favourite word! And, when I find a t-shirt saying whatever, wouldn’t I buy it? And, then wouldn’t I style it for my blog? Obviously!

Anyways, this post is all about button-up skirts so lets talk about that. Yes? These have been trending in the fashion world since SO long! And, it was on top of my fashion wishlist   so I had to buy it. Frankly, this is my only favourite ’70s trend and if given the chance I would wear this everyday.

There are myriad ways to tailor this amazing piece of cloth, but I decided to lean towards the casual style because I hate being overdressed. Anyone feel me?

  • Skirt : Forever 21
  • T-shirt : ONLY
  • Flats : Charles & Keith
  • Bracelets : Westside
  • Hat : Forever 21



Which is your most fancied ’70s trend?

Signing off,




9 thoughts on “How To Style: Button-Up Skirt”

  1. Yes, I do have exactly same button up skirt but in suede fabric which I love it to core. That skirt looks so wonderful on you. Yes, I do believe 70’s trend remains as a major comeback this year too. Have a lovely weekend.

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