DIY Vision Board

The first question that would have or have not popped in your mind was ‘What the hell is a vision board?’

Well, for those of you who have been living under a rock for these few months, vision board or what some would call, the inspirational board is a plank covered with pictures of all the things you like and want to achieve, your favourite quotes, the celebrities you adore and what not!

Not only, is it a tremendously fun thing to make but also, very useful. How? Okay, just imagine you have recreated this particular vision board with all your favoured things and your aspirations. Now imagine yourself, waking up every single morning and laying your eyes on this board of motivation. Wouldn’t you want to get out of bed and take a step forward to achieve all the things you have been wanting to achieve? Moreover, it also contains all the things you fancy which boosts your happiness. What else do you need in the morning? Other than a cup of coffee, of course. 

The cherry on the top of this (wooden) cake, is it is super easy to make. Like seriously!

Things you need:

  • Scissors
  • Old magazines
  • Glue sticks
  • Printouts of your favourite quotes (optional)
  • White cardboard



1. Start with going through your magazines and tearing out the pages which contain things you like.

2. Once you have gone through most of the magazines, start cutting out the things you want on your vision board. For example, I wanted the word ‘Elle’ for mine.


3. Next, after you have cut out all the things you want, assemble them on the board, so that you get a rough idea of how you want your vision board to look like.


4. Once you are satisfied, stick all the things on the board! Voilà! Your vision board is ready to go.


5. Lastly, take your camera/ phone and start taking pictures to flaunt your vision board on Instagram or Twitter, anywhere you want!


Which is your most fancied magazine?

Signing off,





11 thoughts on “DIY Vision Board”

  1. Lovely vision board, I had to do one on my Makeup Artistry Training to capture the mood and look of the makeup I wanted to do on my model for my professional photo shoot and found it really useful for pulling my ideas together. They are also good for planning a room makeover. I love Pinterest but sometimes having something physical is good xxx

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