Natural Makeup Look

Yes, the title sounds stupid but that’s what got you here, right? Anyways, this makeup look is called ‘natural’ because the use of makeup is minimal and also, the shades used are also very accustomed.

And, you got it right! I love this kind of makeup because it only gives your face a bit of shine and just enhances all your stunning features. All the other makeup looks do the exact same thing, but at a higher level and I feel a little over the top with it. But, I still tend to do it at some rare occasions! You gotta do what you gotta do!

So, today I am showing the products I use for this look and the final outcome of it!


Starting with the base..for your face. I use MAC’s Prep + Prime Beauty Balm, I have actually done a whole separate review for this if you are looking for the details.

I don’t use foundation and this is the only BB Cream, which doesn’t make me regret my decision. Yes, it doesn’t do the things which a foundation will do for your face but for the moment, I do not need a foundation on my face so this is the only base I apply to my face.


Now for the eyes..I love doing my eye makeup. It’s just so much fun to do and also, it adds so much to your face. Don’t you agree?

The eye shadows I use is Revlon’s ColorStay Shadow Links. For the eye-lids, I go with the lighter shade that is called, Sand. Then I go ahead and use the shade Copper, just for crease  of my eyes.

After that’s done and gone, I give my eyes a stroke of a pure black eye-liner which I absolutely LOVE!

Then my most adored step, I use The Body Shop’s Super Volume Mascara and it obviously gives my eye-lashes sufficient volume! Voilà!


Now let’s put some roses to the cheeks..I apply Maybelline FIT me’s blush in shade 202 medium coral. It looks so beautiful and also authentic which is the thing I fancy about it. They provide you with a brush but it’s so darn difficult to use it, so I use the Oriflamme’s brush which works just perfectly.


Time for the last step..The lips, so I am that kind of girl who is not comfortable with using darker and bold shades for my lips so I go ahead with the nude pink ones. However, i have recently bought a bright orange lip shade whose review is coming soon.

This lipstick not only gives a natural colour to your lips but also moisturises it and did I say, it has an amazing smell?


What time is it? Yes summer time but, it’s time to show you the final makeup look.


I really like it. Haha, you need to love yourself, right?

How often do you do your makeup?

Signing off,




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