5 Tips To Splash Into Summer

Summer, summer summer! Who doesn’t fancy summer? Summer is like the king of all the seasons. Am I right, ladies?

But, you just can’t splash into summer just like that or else, it won’t be the best time of your life, believe me. I have been there. So, today Jessica, a very special guest on the blog, and I have 5 tips each for you!

  1. Make a summer bucket list: Bucket lists are such fun things to do. I honestly, love the idea of a summer bucket list, because it’s like listing all the things you want to achieve during your freedom! Take a huge cardboard or just a small sheet of paper and list down all the stuff you think you will enjoy doing. It would be anything like, sky diving, baking blah blah! If you can’t think of anything then I have made a Pinterest board all about it, you can click here. Also, write down everything and anything you want to do even if it sounds stupid, because YOLO (does anyone even use this nowadays?
  2. Replace your scents: Make room for your winter scents in the dustbin or the back of your drawers because now is the time to replace them with summery scents. This includes anything floral or fruity (not exactly). This way, you will feel the summer vibe all around you.                                                                       stock-photo-78382339-glass-bottles-with-cosmetic
  3. Get rid of winter clothes: Now is the time to take a huge box and piling all your sweaters, jumpers, beanies in it. Because, are you going to wear that thick sweater your Nan gifted you on Christmas, all summer? When, these wintery clothes are gone temporarily, you will have more space for your summer clothes, not that they need a lot of space!                                                                                    stock-photo-86825469-overhead-shot-of-female-casual-clothes.jpg
  1. Re-decorate your room: Not drastically, just add and subtract some things, that’s it. You can DIY some things suitable for summer and remove things which still remind you of winter. I have found lots of easy and affordable DIYs for you all on Pinterest, here.                                                                                                   stock-photo-84639617-relax-in-modern-bedroom.jpg
  2. Start working out: Get fit, not thin. There is no harm in working out just to get fit and tone your body. Nowadays, people work out to have a thigh gap or a slim body! NO! This is wrong, you are beautiful the way you are. You should just be healthy, fit and toned. That’s it.                                                                        stock-photo-88932127-young-adult-multi-ethnic-group-of-athletes-running-outdoors.jpg

Here are Jessica’s 5 stunning tips!

Why hello there! I am Jess from www.literallyjess.com. I have five MORE tips for you on how to splash into this summer! Well, let’s not waste time. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Stock up on new entertainment.

During the school year, it’s hard to find time to sit down and catch up on the books, movies, and games you’ve been wanting to partake in. Since this school year is ending, it’s time to do just that. Find yourself bored? Pop in Disney’s Inside Out into the DVD player. Laying out on the beach and need something to occupy your mind? The Catcher in the Rye is a fantastic read. If you don’t go out and stock up on these items beforehand, you’ll stay bored and your mind will stay in idle.

I already have my stockpile ready! If I may make some suggestions? Here’s some games and books you should read:


Get your tan on!

Picture this: your squad is throwing the first beach party of the year. You head to the coolest shop in town and buy that itty-bitty, teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Party day comes, you put on that bathing suit, head to the beach, get out of the car, and you’re literally white. If you had seven dwarves with you, the ensemble would be complete!

Nightmare, right?! Well, unless you’re like me. Then you’re going to need a lot of this, because there’s no hope for you.


Create a summer music playlist.

Ever listen to a song during a certain time of the year, and now every time you hear that song, it reminds you of that time of year you heard it? Everyone has, and I’m sure you have a couple of “summer songs.” Well, what better way to prepare for summer than to pile all those songs on a playlist!?

If I may make some other suggestions? Here’s some songs for ya. From my playlist to yours:

  • Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant
  • Lake Michigan by Rogue Wave
  • Anything by The Black Keys
  • Anything by The Killers
  • Islands by Hey Ocean!
  • Waves by Blondfire

Prepare your beach bag.

It’s always good to have a beach bag prepared. Sometimes, I like to be spontaneous and take a trip down to the lake. However, the fun is spoiled whenever I have to spend 10 minutes just getting my things together. And it doesn’t have to be anything special, just a beach towel, sunglasses, etc.


Prep your patio area.

Sweep off that deck and set out those loungers! You’re gonna need a place to bask in the sun. If you don’t have a patio area of your own, create one! Even if it’s a towel on the grass, create a space where you can take full advantage of the warm weather. And while you’re laying on the ground and bugs happen to swarm you, you can check out how to make your own portable tiki torch if you click here (see how I slid into that promo?)

That’s it for my five tips on how to face Summer 2016 head on! You can check me out on my blog at www.literallyjess.com. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic rest of the day! Much love.

That’s it! You are perfectly ready to splash into summer and have the time of your life! YAY!

But before you jump into those 5 tips, go and check out Jessica’s blog, because you will be amazed by how terrific it!

*None of the pictures are mine, the ones attacked to my tips are from iStock and Jessica has her own.

Signing off,




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