Why I Love Blogging?

Blogging. I am so glad I decided to start my blog last year, on December 6th. It has been one of the decisions which I don’t regret one bit.

At first, I thought I would quit in a month or so but, I learnt so many things which really grasped my attention. And I realised that this is the thing I would like to take to the next level until God decides to call his angel back (amazing sense of humour, right?)

Okay, so now you must be thinking how this post is going to benefit you? Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe, by reading this post you will get to know more about me or you would decide to start your own blog if you haven’t…yet.

So, now I will talk something about today’s topic because I need to stop my lovely habit of rambling away.

  1. It’s time consuming therefore, doesn’t leave me getting bored. No, seriously blogging takes away so much time from your day that you don’t have any time span left to get bored. I’d say this was one of the main reasons for me to start this amazing little blog.
  2. Moreover, it awakens my creativity. There are few badass people who keep telling me that I am very creative and all that wonderful stuff. At first, I was like ‘Ya, they are just saying it because they don’t have anything to say’ but as I started my blog, I realised it and it seriously boosted my self esteem.
  3. My favourite thing, it helped me become aware of the fact that I am good at photography and all the aspects involved in successful blogging. Win-win! But, keep in mind, I am not saying that my blog is buoyant but I sure am stating that it’s definitely gained a good amount of success in just 6 months!
  4. Friends. The thing that drastically lacked in my life 6 months ago. But as soon as I started blogging, I made SO many new friends and I am so grateful for them. Here’s Jessica who is soon going to be my BFF (regardless of our age difference!) and Parie who is just so sweet!
  5. Also, it totally helped me experience the kind of people there are around the world. There are the sweet ones and then you have the ones who just be good to you because they think it will benefit them.
  6. Blogging makes me try so many new things which I wouldn’t have even thought of doing before the 6th of December. For instance, the other day I tried DIYing something I had saved in my phone’s camera roll for the past year and a half.

These are the only things I can think at the moment and also which are genuine. I absolutely adore the person who invented this thing almost a decade ago. And, I am so so SO grateful to be a part of this blogging community. To all the bloggers reading this, we are in this together! Let’s just forget competition and invest our time is helping each other grow! Yes?

Signing off,




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