Book Review: An Offer You Can’t Refuse by Jill Mansell

What’s a girl to do with an offer you can’t refuse? Accept it. And, that’s exactly what Lola did.

Okay, so this is, hands down my favourite book of this year, so far. Although, I do admit that it would have been better if it was a movie than a book because it’s totally rom-com material. If there are any directors or producers reading this review (which I know isn’t possible for another million years) then do think about contacting Jill Mansell to make this a movie! 

At the age of seventeen, Lola is attacked with a very heartbreaking offer which will help her save her family but lose her love. And what does she do? She saves her family, because family over everything. Then, 10 years later, she meets the boy who she left to save her family and the reunion isn’t pleasant whatsoever! Because, it turns out that Lola didn’t tell Dougie the real reason for leaving him. It’s just so complicated.

I, absolutely loved this book to bits. It’s funny, romantic and a tad bit emotional.I love such books where no one dies, everyone seems happy and there aren’t any huge problems. Basically, any movie which isn’t a clone of The Fault In Our Stars (although, I really loved TFIOS but, not every book should be like this right?)

The thing I fancied the most was that, there was a chapter or more dedicated to most of the characters, I would say the characters who played a significant role in the whole story. Yes, I have read books which did the same thing but it was so confusing but in this particular book, I thoroughly understood what exactly was happening.

Also, I loved how there wasn’t the typical step-dad scenario included, for instance, there wasn’t any hatred between Lola and her step-dad in fact everything was perfect!

Moreover, the way different problems were portrayed in this book was just so hilarious. Most of the things were expected whereas some appeared totally out of the blue.

Winding up, I would totally re-read this book which I usually don’t do and I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone of you who would fancy a funny, romantic read!


What would you do if you were put in the same situation as Lola?

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