Color Show Summer Nail Polish Shades

What time is it? Summertime!

Okay, you probably were well aware of that but..whatever.

So, today I have a new kind of post for you guys. The other day I was just buying some beauty stuff, and I came across these wicked and vibrant nail varnishes from Maybelline’s Color Show line and I was like, ‘Oh these are perfect for Summer!’. So what did I do? Yes, I bought them. And, then I thought, why not write a whole post about these, because they have some really pretty colors which are super perfect for this Summer season. So what am I doing? I am writing a blog post about those nail paints! Yay!


Okay, jokes apart, I thought these nail paints are really suitable for Summer and also their quality is good too, so I had to share it with you girls.



Color Show: Orange Fix 214

Price: 100 INR

Isn’t this pretty? I absolutely loved this shade. It’s just so summery and I don’t’s just so glamorous! Also, considering it’s price it stays for a long time and also doesn’t dry off quickly, unless you keep it in a hale and hearty condition. Moreover, you don’t need to apply millions of coats of these on your nails, just two are more than enough.



Color Show: Blueberry Ice 403

Price: 100 INR

So, this is what you call a cool as a cucumber color. That really didn’t make sense, at all. But, you got my point right? This color suits so well for this sunny season!


Color Effect: White

Price: 100 INR

So, this is not even Maybelline’s product, it’s a completely different brand. But, I included this because, white is trending a lot nowadays. Honestly, I have seen 5 fashion bloggers and actresses flaunt this color on their nails. Also, it looks quite stylish too so  had to include it in this particular post.

 Which nail polish shade are you wearing at the moment?

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