Review: Faces Candyfloss Lipstick

This post would have been up hours ago…but Britain’s Got Talent, made me procrastinate. Yes, blame them!

Anyways, I have been very encouraged to do beauty related posts for my blog but bear this in mind, I am, by no means a ‘beauty guru’ (I would totally love to be one, that’s for sure)

Yes so here’s another beauty post and that’s a review of the Faces lipstick, which is my favourite in the whole wide world.


What catches your attention when you are out shopping? The packaging of the product, right? For me that’s the most important thing. Let’s be real, if the product doesn’t appeal to you visually, it won’t be something you would squander your money on. But, thankfully there are many beauty brands who put in a lot of effort making their products cute and inviting. For instance, MAC, Faces, Oriflamme blah blah. Here’s how the lipstick looks like, not over the top and not too less, it’s just simple and classy (just like me, haha!)


Shade: GO CHIC Candy-floss 213

Price: 275 INR

Rating: ★★★★

Worth or Waste? : WORTH!

Quantity: 4.5g

Okay so I love this lipstick. You might have figured that out by now. This is actually the first lipstick I have ever bought for myself because I wasn’t a huge makeup fan before and whenever I had to use makeup (for school events) I used my mom’s. And that time, I absolutely detested lipsticks, they felt so gross! But then I tried on this one and it was totally opposite of what I felt before. Once you apply this, not only does it moisturize your lips but also give it a beautiful colour. What else does a girl need?

Moreover, it’s for 275 bucks which I feel is totally worth it! Because other brands give you those gross-feeling-like lipsticks for SO expensive! Am I right, ladies? From my perspective, this is a beautiful lipstick which is absolutely worth your hard-earned money. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer: All my views are 100% honest and I am not biased to anyone or any company associated with the product.

Which is your most favourite lipstick shade ever?

Signing off,



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