April Favourites

April was a tortoise-like month for me. Even thought it was the slowest month so far, I fancied it a lot! There was no palaver, but only happy moments!

First of all, IPL started and it’s my most favourite league of all time. Then, I could spend quality time with my family and also contribute to the blog well. What else does a blogger need?

Also, my blog hit 500 freaking followers! How insane is that? Thank you so much, all of you who decided to follow my little blog. I can’t wait to have a larger ‘clique’ to share my thoughts and tips with!

Then, I got back to my reading game! Yay! I read only 2 books but that is an achievement because I had stopped reading for some reason. I used to start a book and leave it in half. But I managed to get back to my own self and finish reading the book, only if I like it. Fun fact: I had given myself a challenge to read 75 books this year *face palm* Now I have reduced it to 45-50! Let’s see if I can do it!

Lastly, I finally am loving my Instagram feed, why don’t you go see what I am talking about *smirk*. Click here.

Anyways, now let’s get on with the things I over-used and adored this month!



  • Flawed by Cecelia Ahern – I have actually written a review for this book. But let me tell you, this book is amazing! Oh, ps, Cecelia Ahern tweeted me for thanking me for writing the review! I am on top of the world! Here’s the review.
  • All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – This is just like The Fault In Our Stars. Actually I have written a review for this bool too, it will go up on Saturday!


Makeup & Stuff:

  • Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love, white cotton and pink lily – This is perfect for spring! It has a somewhat sweet smell which reminds me that we are in between Summer and Spring!
  • The Body Shop – 13 Eye Definer (Shade: Burnished Amber) – I absolutely LOVE this shade. It isn’t that visible, but when you put it on, it does make a difference.
  • Brushes from Oriflame – These brushes are just so soft, it doesn’t hurt your face.
  • Revlon Color Stay Shadow Links (Shade: Copper and Sand) – Aren’t this colours just easy on the eye? Yes and yes. They look ravishing and they look ravishing on the eyes too.



  • Layered necklace from Forever 21- When I first saw it, I told myself that I HAVE to buy it. And so I did, as if you didn’t know. But they match to any outfit very well and also, are of good quality.



  • ONLY Bluetooth Dome Speaker – I got it approximately 2 years ago. And it still works very well which is a win-win situation.


TV Show:

  • Drop Dead Diva – I had included this in my previous post, 10 Shows To Binge Watch This Summer. It is absolutely hilarious and also makes you think about the everyday issues which we normally don’t notice.


 What was your most favourite beauty product this month?

Signing off,



7 thoughts on “April Favourites”

  1. My most fave beauty product this month has to be two faced mascara. That mascara does wonders for my lashes 🙂
    I really enjoyed fault in our stars, I might check out All the Bright Places as well

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