Sail Through Summer: Roadtrip Survival Guide

Roadtrips! When you think of Summer, you instantly think of road trips with friends, right? Because they are so much fun; listen to music with volume super high; stopping at cute spots for perfect Instagram pictures; and just have FUN!

FYI: I have never been on a road trip with my friends so I don’t know the actual fun!

But, throughout the road trip, you need to be very comfy and cosy. Because in the end, the whole reason to sit in your car and travel to some place is to enjoy!

Therefore, I have created a whole guide for you so that you can just get a thrill out of the road trip!


*None of this pictures are mine, I got it from Pinterest.



  • Hat:

Even if you are in your car, you will get out in the Sun to take some pictures,righttt?

  • Book:

No matter what you think, there will be one point where you will totally be bored of listening to music and chatting with your friends, you will want to zone out and be consumed in your book!

  • Sunglasses

Need to protect those pretty brown eyes or blue, black..whatever!

  • Snacks & Drinks

That stomach is not going to stay calm throughout your journey, you need some healthy snacks to keep it full! Also, do not carry alcoholic drinks with you because you will be driving and nobody wants to get their body parts fractured or totally damaged just because they were stupid enough to drink & drive.

  • Skincare

You should always protect your skin from the sun, dust and what not!

  • Music+Headphones

Nobody wants to sit in silence while you are on a road trip so you should always, always have a playlist ready for the next time you hit the road with your besties! So, here’s a playlist I made for you all! (India does not have spotify so I made it on Youtube) Click, here.

  • Camera/Polaroid Camera

Memories…and Instagram!

  • Extra clothing

You never know if a bird may answer it’s nature’s call on you (okay, that was gross but I am just displaying the truth for you!) or your drinks decide to spill on your top.

  • First-aid kit

You should always have this for any emergency.

  • Portable Charger

You are obviously going to use your phone A LOT! And, the battery may decide to die so you need a portable charger to bring it back to life.

  • Map

Nowadays everyone has GPS but isn’t it fun to find your way through an old-fashioned way? I say, YES!

  • Cushions

After all the clicking pictures for Instagram, eating, having a mini dance party, arguing over which songs to play, your energy will die out too, so to recharge yourselves comfortably, I strongly suggest you carry some cushions!

 What is your dream destination to travel to, with your BFFs?

Signing off,



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