Book Review: ‘Flawed’ by Cecelia Ahern

‘I do believe something magical can happen when you read a good book’. And I couldn’t agree more with this quote from JK. Rowling.

When you read a top-notch book, it totally consumes you. All you can think about is the book until it’s read and gone from your life…forever.

I am a HUGE book hoarder. I love collecting books as well as reading it, of course. My dream is to have a gigantic library only of the books I absolutely adore. Because, there are some books which I feel like throwing away.

Anyways, back to the this post, I wanted to start revising books I like and if I find some book a total waste of money I’ll review that too. Cool? Cool.



People say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But, I think I broke a rule of the book-lovers club. Because I absolutely judged this book by it’s dazzling cover. So, full marks for this one!


In India, it cost me ₹350. It’s pretty reasonable.


Celestine North, who lives a perfect life in a country where perfection is the bigger priority than humanity, is a girl of logic and black and white.  At first, she thrives to be perfect and achieves that. Everyone, her family, friends and boyfriend, think she is perfect. But one day, when she makes a terrible mistake, her whole world turns up-side down. Not only does her life become imperfect, flawed but also illogical. The mistake which most of the country’s citizen’s think is bad, is actually a sign which shows us there’s humanity present in Celestine, even after living in such a society. But, being flawed is as bad as committing a crime, even worse. So, does Celestine thrive to all of it? You need to read the book for that!

This book is a no-non sense book. It definitely feels like it’s written from the heart. Frankly, sometimes while reading the book, my eyes used to flood with tears. It was seriously a heart-stopping novel. I loved the way every chapter ended..with a suspense, a mystery to solve. This made me keep the book in my hand and my eyes on it for hours!  The way new characters used to make their appearances in this book in fact helped me imagine their personality and what they would be up to. But, they are full of surprises.

The only drawback of this series is that, the next book comes on next year on 30th March, 2017. YES! 2017 *sobs* I can’t stop counting down the days for it.

I would one hundred percent recommend this book to anyone who thinks that no one in this world can be perfect unless they haven’t made mistakes in life. Which concludes to the point that, no one can be perfect..because a person keeps making mistakes for their entire lives. Isn’t that life?


 Which book are you reading at the moment or which are you planning to start reading?

Signing off,



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