10 Shows To Binge Watch This Summer

Hola people! It’s time for less Mondays and more Summer! Yay! Now is the time to make tons of memories because the tans will fade but the memories will last forever.

But, the reality never matches your expectations, right? Sadly, that’s 100% correct..While writing down the last answer of your final exam, you might be drooling of a perfectly sunny day in the swimming pool. And then reality sets in, you are in your bed, with a huge bowl  of popcorn and watching the same tv show like always.

That’s why, I have made a list of 10 binge worth TV show you can watch all day long until your eyes give up and go to sleep.

Drop Dead Diva

Hats off to whoever wrote this script. So, a model, Deb dies in a car accident and goes to heaven where she presses a return button and is transferred in a lawyer’s body, Jane. And then, all her adventures and problems as Jane are shown in a hilarious manner.


Gossip Girl

A website, Gossip Girl, follows the lives of privileged teenagers in the Upper East Side.


The Vampire Diaries

This entire show revolves around Vampires, duh! Mystic Falls (place where the tv show is being taken place, not the real name) was haunted by Vampires 100 years ago, specially the Salvatore brothers (who, let me tell you, are one of the hottest Vampires EVER). Now they are back to their hometown and here’s what happens as they embark their return.


Full House

EVERYONE knows about Full House, if you don’t then okay! I’ve actually started watching this recently, and it is drop dead funny (can we even say this?)


Fuller House

This you might have guess, is related to Full House, I don’t know what exactly to call such type of thing. Yes I am weird.Get over it! But, this is set in the modern time and who doesn’t love modern funny tv shows?


One Tree Hill

I FREAKING LOVE THIS SHOW! Ahem..if you haven’t watched One Tree Hill yet I am telling you to add this on your bucket list because you have to watch this once in your lifetime. You might be thinking I am exaggerating, but dude talk to me when you have finished watching the whole series. And if you aren’t in tears because of this amazing show ending then I would give you whatever you want!



Cassandra Clare had written an entire series on Shadowhunters. So basically, this revolves around the book but it does has some differences which means it’s not entirely similar to the book series. Pro tip- Never ever, read the book and watch this at the same time, it will make you completely and utterly confused.


That 70’s Show

Okay so I only watch this for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, but it’s also hilarious. So it’s a win-win situation for me.


Jane The Virgin

Amazingly funny tv show, which shows how a doctors mistake leads to a girl (who is the daughter of a famous telenovela star) getting pregnant and all the wacky things she goes through.


The Flash

Superhero running around saving the world, with all due respect!


These were all the TV shows I watch and absolutely love and think that these are 200% binge-worthy this summer!

Enjoy your summer in the bed and ya, don’t forget to grab that big bowl of popcorn!

Signing off,



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