20 Spring Outfits 2016

Hey there! It’s Spring which means we are closer to Summer, which again means that we could eat ice-creams all day, lounge at cooler places (literally) and make tons of memories!

But before Summer, we need to get through Spring…fashionably! Am I right ladies? Even though Spring break is just for a week for most of you all, the actual season lasts for about a month and you can’t dress up in your sweaters or jumpers all day, yes? You need to have a wardrobe full of clothes which will let you beat the Spring heat too!

That’s why, I have some outfits you could copy or..take inspiration from!

*All the outfits are from Pinterest, I do not own any of the following pictures. Only the cover picture, is mine.


Leather Vest + Blue ripped skinnies jeans.












May you get through Spring in style! Happy Spring!

Also, I have a How To Have The Best Spring Ever post on my blog, go check it out!

Signing off,



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