11 Life Lessons Blair Waldorf Taught Us

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

There’s only one queen in this town and that’s, Blair Waldorf! Am I right? I love Blair, even though she was one of the mean girls oh wait a minute, not one of the mean girls, she was THE mean girl in her school but everyone loved her! They would be lying if they didn’t..

But, she was the most wisest and the kindest person too (at times) Only when she had to get something impossible done, she would turn to the girl everyone feared from! That’s how she got her respect.

Even though, Serena Van Der Woodsen was everyone’s all time favourite, I prefer Blair over her because Blair taught us SO many things! One of them is that, you don’t have to be on your best behaviour ALL the time sometimes to make your way through you need to be a bad girl. Yes, Blair did some bad things but she didn’t repeat her mistakes, did she? There! She taught us one more life lesson!

I have written down 11 life lessons which Blair would be totally proud of, if you followed them..

1. Know who you are and be proud of yourself!


2. You may think that your life sucks but there is always something worth smiling for!


3. If you really want something, don’t let anyone or anything get in the way!


4. You are the only one who can make things happen for yourself!


5. You have to demand respect from others.


6. Shopping can always make you feel better!


7. Never look down at someone just because you don’t like what they do for a living!

8. Fashion is a powerful thing which shouldn’t be underrated!


9. Be strong for yourself and don’t let anyone get you down!


10. It’s okay not to be okay!


11. Have FUN because life is short!


So these were all the life lessons our one and only Blair Waldorf taught us! And I agree with most of them because, come on these things are seriously so important in our lives!

I hope you have a wonderful week! See you on Wednesday with a Coachella post! Get excited!!

Signing off,





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