March Favourites

Guys..this will the last post from me now. I think I should stop blogging because it isn’t for me..

Haha! Happy April Fool’s Day! I know it was a lame prank but I tried..okay?

Anyways, March has come to an end and that means that you get to know of all the things I loved in the last month.


  • City Of Ashes – Cassandra  Clare

This book is actually the second part of the Shadowhunters series and I have talked about the first book in my February Favourites! But, this book is just so good! The series just keeps getting better and better with each book.

City Of Ashes Cassandra Clare


  • FIT Me! Maybelline Blush – This is the only blush I have ever used and I really love it, the shade is just so pretty and matches me skin tone very well.
  • The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara – Okay, this is hands down the best mascara! it gives my lashes the perfect volume and length. I absolutely love it!
  • Benetton Sport Woman Deodorant – This smells so good and I actually am going to buy the exact same thing when its over!
  • MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm – I have actually written a whole separate review for this product just yesterday, you can check it out here!
  • Hand Mirror – I bought this from Forever 21 like 2 years ago and I am happy I didn’t break it because I always tend to break such cute handy stuff!



  • Gold Bracelet – I bought this from Alfa in Mumbai! it was like love in first sight and I actually had the exact same one but I lost it so I was happy to buy another one!
  • Black Leaf Necklace – This is also from Alfa, I was looking for some heavy necklaces to add to my collection and found this perfect one!



  • Croma Powerbank – Okay now this is a life saver! My phone is NEVER charged when I am out of my house so I totally love this power bank!
  • Phillips Earphones – I absolutely live by these earphones! They are my life (okay lot of exaggeration but seriously)


So these were all my favourites for the last month! Actually this month was good overall and I hope April is even better!

Hope you all have a tremendous month and a very happy friday!

Signing off,




7 thoughts on “March Favourites”

  1. That golden bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! And I’m absolutely in love with Cassandra Clare’s books – they’re so addicting and you can get lost in them for hours!

    Franzi. x // []

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