Review|MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm

Hello to the beautiful creatures of the internet world! How has your week treating you so far?

Today, I am writing my first ever review and I am kinda excited! Because, I would love to help you out in finding the best totally worthy beauty product for your pretty face!I am not a heavy makeup kind of a person, I keep it very minimal! Like, whenever I am heading out I apply this BB cream,  eye-liner, mascara and if I am feeling it then my pink lipstick. Oh and some blush even though I don’t need it because my skin is super sensitive and my cheeks are ALWAYS pink!

Okay now with the BB cream, here’s how it looks like! Cute isn’t it? Mac is always number one with making their products pretty visually and I will give them a 10/10 for this product!


Price -> 2100 INR

Rating -★★★★

Worth or Waste -> Totally worth it!

Quantity -> 40ml


When I first tried this product in the Mac store, my first thought was ‘Wow’. Before buying this product I was using Maybelline’s BB cream which didn’t seem to perform as per my expectation that’s why when I used this Prep+Prime BB cream, I was totally happy!

This beauty balm is meant to:

» blur imperfections

» control oil

» even skin tone

» shield from harsh UV rays


And it does it ALL! And the most important part you need this cream only in the size of a seed for your whole face and it still does it’s magic!

I always need to apply my regular moisturiser before this cream because my skin is very dry. And this cream takes about 30-60 seconds to set perfectly even without powder which the mac employee convinces you to buy. But you don’t need to buy it all!

Once the beauty balm sets in, the small spots on your face are gone! Your face looks flawless trust me! But, if you sweat a lot during the day then I wouldn’t recommend this BB cream because the sweat steals away it’s magic.

Moreover, this cream has SPF 35 which is absolutely perfect for summer/spring and you won’t need to apply any other SPF cream because dermatologists confirm that you only need 15-35 SPF to protect yourself from the sun.

Moving on to the price. YES, it is very expensive but this 40 ml beauty balm will last for 10-12 months if you use it occasionally which is my case and 6 months if you use it daily. Now do the calculations, this cream is totally worth the money as from my perspective.

One more advantage is that this is cream is very light which is appropriate for the warm season and it doesn’t make your face feel cakey. If you are like me and only apply a BB cream then I would always suggest this prep+prime beauty balm for you.

But it always comes down to the type of skin you have, so I recommend you always try this cream on your face before spending 2100 bucks on it and living in regret for the rest of your life.


These were my thoughts on this particular product!

Disclaimer: All my views are 100% honest and I am not biased to anyone or any company associated with the product.

Have a great week ahead and I’ll see you on Friday!

Signing off,




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