Weekend Getaway At Soma!

Hello everyone? How did this long weekend treat you? I hope yours was as good as mine because I ran away to Soma with my family for 2 days and it was just so much FUN!

At first, I wasn’t that excited about the whole getaway thing but as we sat in the car to go on a 30 minute drive to Soma, the excitement in me started building up gradually. And just as we reached our beautiful destination, I was literally at the edge of my car seat!

My family and I, were there for just 2 days, Sunday and Monday (yes, we didn’t get ourselves coloured with colours this year)

Also, I have to apologise because I don’t have many pictures of this trip because I wasn’t planning on writing this post until this moment.


So on the first day of our bolt for freedom, we had lunch at Soma’s fanciable Moroccan themed restaurant, Sufiaana. Trust me, the food was purely delectable.

After that, all 0f us were just taking in the mesmerising view from Sufiaana’s deck and as usual clicking pictures. Here is the view we all loved!

Later on, we went to out guest house which had a swimming pool attached to it! Yay! As soon as we got settled in, my dad, brother and I, jumped into the cold water perfect for the hot day! It was 41 degree celsius that day *wiping the sweat away*

Just after tanning myself a bit because of lounging in the swimming under the hot Sun of about 2 hours, I again made my way to the restaurant for a quick snack for my forever starving stomach! While my dad, uncle and brother were playing cricket I gobbled up some crispy vegetable…alone!!

Just as the sun set down, my mom and I, walked towards our guest house and got ready for the big T20 World Cup match, IndVsAus!!

And Virat Kohli was the boss of the whole game! He literally won millions of hearts with his batting skills and also is a step closer to win the T20 World Cup! I would say, for this particular match, Team India had turned into an one man army. In the second last over, the difference in the balls and the runs required was so much that most of us had lost hope. But Virat saved the game by making the 18th over the biggest one. But we surely can’t forget the  last boundary hit by the legend MS Dhoni! In conclusion, it was this years most entertaining match so far! Here are some clicks from the match!

Virat Kohli! IndVSAus 2016 One Man Army, Virat!
This snap is when India won the match with 5 balls remaining! This picture is worth a million words!
IndVSAus! Virat Kohli!
They won, he lost!
IndVSAus 2016! Virat Kohli!
Shows how proud he is!


My day had started with everyone trying to wake me up multiple times. But I am such a sleepyhead that I slept neglecting the fact that everyone is enjoying in the pool!

After trying to get out of bed and being successful at it, I went ahead for breakfast with my family and then lounged around the house for sometime.

Being the lazy bum I am, I was the last one to get ready for the day and join everyone to play a game or two of cards!

Just as the game of tons of arguing, disagreements and oh of course playing cards ended, we made our way to the Moroccan themed restaurant for lunch which didn’t leave us disappointed at all!

Then just as our stomachs were full, we went to Zonkers a place where there is GoKarting, a shooting range, cricket pitch and other fun stuff. But….it was closed! With a heart as sick as a parrot, we made our way back home!


So this was how out weekend getaway turned out! I had so much fun with my family and i am excited for yet another run-off, which should happen soon! Hope you had a great weekend too!

Signing off,



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