Spring Break Must-Haves

Hey girlies! Smile, because it’s Spring! And that means Spring break is closer than ever! That also means that you may travel and update your Instagram every single hour! That’s ought to happen and you know that!

But, if you aren’t travelling anywhere you still can have the best spring break EVER! And, you ask how? For that you need to check my previous post out which a has a free spring bucket list printable! Yay!!

Okay, let’s go back, for example you are going to a lakehouse for the week and to actually live there you will need some essentials right? So, therefore I have come up with exactly 11 things you NEED for the whole week you are away from your home sweet home!


You need to keep your beautiful screen protected right? Because, the last time I checked, an attempt of excess skin tanning can cause skin cancer.You know what I mean right?


Dry Shampoo

You don’t want your hair to be all dirty and oily while you are rooting for that perfect picture for your Instagram right? You need a dry shampoo to save your life!


Music Playlist

Okay, so this one is the most common and I don’t need to add it in the essentials list because you will obviously have it ready! But..I still did add it so whatever!



Gotta keep that sun away from your pretty eyes!



Okay, this is totally a no-brainer! It’s spring time and you are totally going to spend half your time in the pool, lake or the ocean…or just your bathtub!



It’s going to be sunny and you are going to need to cover your face and head so, grab that hat yo!


Jacket/ Sweatshirt

Admit it, even if it’s spring it can get pretty cold at night and let’s be serious you can’t roam around wearing a tank top and shorts.


Penny Board

If you don’t have one then BUY it!! I think this is one of the best thing to invest in and no, I am not doing any kind of advertising here!



Sometimes, you would like to just chill and enjoy under the sun! So why not read a book that time?


Flash Tattoos

This is the new trend which everyone is raving about! Also, spring time is the best time to use this cute stuff!


Polaroid Camera

You need some memories to look back to and what better option there is than a polaroid camera?



Lastly, a bucket list! A list of all the things you should do for the spring break! Actually you will find a free printable in my previous post!



These are all the essentials you need to enjoy yourself for the spring break! Hope you have the best spring break ever!

Signing off,








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