How To Have The Best Spring Break Ever+ Free Bucketlist!

Well, hello there!! Spring is just a few days away and that calls for a spring break! Am I right?

But, not everyone vacations in Bahamas or Hawaii or Goa, so here are some ways you can have the best spring break ever wherever you are! Cool, right? I think it is!

Also, when all your friends or..umm..your nemesis are boasting about their trip to some far away land, you can also boast about things you did in your own hometown without having to spend a hell lot of bucks!

Everyone loves spring break or any break for that matter because they get to be lazy and just relax the whole day. But, why don’t you try something new this spring break? Rather than being lazy and watching Netflix all day long, get up go out and do something new with your friends or family. So, the first step to the best spring break is to STOP BEING LAZY!

One more way is to, plan each day I repeat, each day of the mini-break with the most fun activity. This way, you won’t be bored any day and would enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Now comes the struggle…what kind of activities? But girl, I am here to help you out, I promise to not let you bore yourself to death this spring break. And you maybe thinking, how may this exaggeration queen do it? Well, I may have created a Free Spring Bucketlist for you..ya ya don’t thank me! I just wanted to help you girlies out!

I have listed down, 22 things you should do this break to enjoy yourself like hell! I think you should atleast mark off 11 things off the list. And, I mentioned a tip above which included different activities on each day so, you could choose one activity from the bucket list  for one day and just have a mind-boggling day!


Free Spring Bucketlist

Get your free bucket list, HERE!

I hope you have the best spring break EVER!! Let me know, what you have already planned to do and when is your spring break starting?

Signing off,




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