Favorite Books

Helloooo!! How are my favourite people in the world? (You read my blog so you automatically go into my list of favourite people *shrug*)

So, as you clicked on this post, I assume you love reading or are going to start making reading a part of your daily routine, am I right or am I right?

I absolutely LOVE reading, you can catch me reading whenever I am free because that’s how much I actually fancy books. But, don’t think of me as that typical nerdy girl, I am just a cuter version, okay?

Anyways if you are on a mission to become an avid reader then let me tell you this. Reading is a very good habit anyone can have and most of the times, people praise me for my reading habits. You can find books in my purse sometimes, when I am actually in love with that book, to be exact. Moreover, reading helps you in your day-t0-day life, whether you are a student a businesswoman blah blah blah…

Okay, too much talking done, let’s get on to the list now, shall we?

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  • City Of Bones (Cassandra Clare):

This is the first part of the series ‘The Mortal Instruments’ which consists of six young adult fantasy novels. And trust me, it’s absolutely AMAZING! It has actually got me hooked to it and I am not ready to give up unless I have read the whole series!

  • Paper Towns (John Green):

John Green, he slays each and every book he has ever written and which I ever have read. I absolutely love the way he plays with the words.  This book talks about Margo a mysterious girl who is a long time crush of Quentin (her neighbour). It embarks the adventures which Margo creates for Quentin.

  • The Longest Ride (Nicholas Sparks)

In this book, you can read about two love stories, one of the modern age and one from the old one. The way the story is narrated is so creative, I was actually in love with the creativity.

  • If I Stay (Gayle Forman)

Mia Hall, around whom the whole book revolves, is the only one who survived through a car accident amongst her family members. The book tells us her out-of-body-experience. She has to make a crucial decision pf moving on with her life with what’s left or accompany her family in heaven.

  • The Fault In Our Stars (John Green)

Okay, do I need to summarise this book? It’s one of the most famous books of 2014 which people think as overrated but I absolutely love it! #HaterGonnaHate

  • The Art Of Thinking Clearly (Rolf Dobelli)

This isn’t like the books I mentioned above. It helps you make decisions, and for a person like me who always gets confused between two-three things, it was a great book!


These were ALL the books I love. I am sure I forgot to include those which I don’t know because how much can this brain remember right?

Let me know below, which is the book you can read over 10 times?

Okay, so here is a challenge for you. I want you to read at least 50 pages in the next two days, if you do it then you can reward yourself with reading 10 more pages! *sweet smile* Let me know, in my next post if you were able to read 50 pages or not!! All the best!!

Signing off,




8 thoughts on “Favorite Books”

  1. I think I’m the only one who didn’t really like Paper Towns. I mean, the end?!?! It drove me crazy, really. But I’m in love with The Fault in Our Stars. And I think the movie was as good! Still in this genre, I recently started reading All the bright places. Many people say the book is incredible so we’ll see how I like it.
    And I’m now really interested to check The Art Of Thinking Clearly. I guess it’ll be my next book.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the end…but overall Paper Towns was a good book for me! Oh I am eager to check out All The Bright Places, I’ve heard a lot about it, maybe it will be my next book! Happy Reading !!


  2. I think I liked the book because of how Chloë Grace Moretz portraited Mia in the movie. Otherwise I would have not liked it as much. For me it was good but still kind of ‘meh’ book.
    I loved Papertowns tho. I got so many quotes from there. It’s a really nice story about growing up and having courage to live your life like you want to live.

    Liked by 1 person

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