How To Be A Morning Person

Hello and good morning! Oh, not a good morning? Well, don’t worry because after reading this article all your mornings are going to be heavenly! I promise!!

So, as most of the people struggle with getting up in the morning and actually being revived, I thought of creating a post which helps you wake up in the morning with your battery fully charged. And as I am one of the many people who hate mornings, hearing about all the advantages of being that annoying morning enthusiastics irritate me (too much of negativity, I know)

But, what better way then keeping this kind of negativity out by actually accepting the benefits of being a morning person? Rightttt?

Every single morning, I struggle to get out of bed and workout for their perfectly fit body. If this is your case, then keep on reading because these tips are actually helpful!

Ban The Electronics

Keep all the electronics away an hour before going to bed. This brings me to the point for fixing a specific time to go to bed every single day, I repeat, every single day. The strong point of doing this is, it actually relaxes your mind and makes you ready to hit the good night’s sleep! You can always read a book before bed which will make you tired and sleepy!

Leave Yourself Choice-less

If you are as stubborn as Hitler and aren’t ready to get out bed in the morning then leave yourself no choice at all. By this I mean, drink a huge glass of water right before bed, and this will make you get out of bed to pee in the morning. Smart right? One more thing you can do is keep your alarm across the room so when the alarm rings in the morning you would actually have to get your feet on the floor and make them walk towards the alarm in the morning.

Make Your Bed ASAP

Just as soon as you are out of the bed, make your bed. This way, you won’t want to jump back in!

Create A Routine

Develop yourself a morning routine which revolves only around you. This can be for the next 2 hrs after you wake up.

Hop Into The Shower

Get into the shower immediately, by doing this you will be fresh and awake and you will go back to bed only at night, at your designated bed time!

Alarm Yourself

Set alarms for every 2 minutes in the morning. This way if you snooze, the alarm will anyway keep ringing every 2 minutes, eventually you are out of bed!


These were all the tips I thought were helpful! May your mornings be harmonious and your coffee be strong.

Rise and Shine beautiful!

Signing off,



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