Tips For A Shopaholic

Hey there, shopaholic! Just like 75% of the female population in this world, you and me are shopaholics too. Well, being a shopaholic is a serious problem because this always leaves your pockets of the expensive jeans you are rocking at the moment, empty. Am I right or am I right?

But, you can’t just keep on living your life with such kind of a terrible problem which can lead to poverty in this world (yes, I know, I am the exaggeration queen, *smirk*)

Sooo, to solve this problem I have come up with 9 tips which will help you save more and shop right. Off we go..towards the tips, of course.

Think More Than Twice

Keep in mind the cliched phrase, ‘think twice before doing anything’ but edit it a bit. Rather than thinking twice about, buying that cute top which caught your eye as soon as you entered the store, think more than twice, brilliant right?

Rent Like A Pro

Want to rock that super pretty dress for prom this year? But not enough money to do so? Then just go and rent that dress, if possible or find a similar dress and rent it. Tadaaa!

Sign Up

I didn’t mean sign up to my blog, but you are free to do it if you are liking my post so far. But, sign up for online stores as you can get notified about great and money saving deals online. Great!

Be The Seller

Sell out your old clothes which are still in good condition. This reminds me that I had done a post of how to overcome the phrase ‘I Have Nothing To Wear’

Know The Right Time

Always know when to shop. That means look out for the time when there is a sale in your favourite store and gather your girlfriends and go for shopping. Cause, YOLO!

Hello, Mother

Shop with your mother because she knows what is best for you and where you should spend your money. Plus, she can remind you of clothing items which are lounging at the back of your wardrobe.

Turn Into A Trader

Trade clothes with your sister or friends. This gives you a larger variety for every occasion.

Make A List

List down the items you REALLY need and be focused while you are shopping and buy only those items which are on your list, and nothing else. I repeat, nothing else!

The Future Is Bright

Before taking your overflowing shopping bag to the checkout, think about the future and how you can style the clothing items you are spending your handwork on.

These were all the tips which I could actually come up with me. Follow these to keep your pockets half filled to splurge on other items you love.

Plus, I am going to post on every Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Good news, on every Saturday, I am going to come up with an extra fun post which I know you all will absolutely love!

Signing off,




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