How To Be Photogenic!

Hey hey! Nowadays, having a perfect Instagram theme with fanciable pictures is as important as completing your education (okay, you can call me the exaggeration queen now).  No, but seriously, every single teenage girl worries about her Insta-perfect pictures every day. I would say that it’s normal, but if you aren’t worrying about, there is totally something wrong with you, just kidding!

But, if you are one of those girls and are always stalking that one friend of yours who looks great in all her photos, then girl, it’s time for competition! With these tips which I have for you, your pictures will look absolutely flawless, plus your pretty face will make it extraordinary. Let’s get on with the tips.

Flawless Makeup

Make sure, that if you apple makeup, before taking a picture it should be flawless. Take care of any smudges because you don’t want to look like a hobo in your picture, right?

Spot It!

Go through all your favourite pictures and spot a pattern which makes you look good. Once this is done, make sure to pose the same way for your next photoshoot!

No Goofy Smiles, Please

To give a wide berth to those goofy and too-wide grins, make sure to put your tongue behind your teeth and smile!

Hello, White Wall

Make sure to stand in front of a white wall as it makes your face look bright.Moreover, white walls look very classy too, so it’s a win-win situation for you!

No Time For Fake Smiles

Instead of saying cheese and gaining calories by saying it (haha, so funny, right?) crack a joke with your photographer which help you bring a natural and breathtaking smile to your face. Voila, there you have a perfect picture!

Can I Have A Single Chin Please?

Tired of having those pretty pictures which you can’t post on Instagram just because of your double chin? Then the next time, just push your face forward and buh-bye, double chin!

Show Off Your Left Side

Many professional photographers suggest, showing off your left side as it makes the photo look better.

Just 4 Steps!

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Open your eyes.
  4. Smile, beautiful!

So, are you ready to show off your pretty pictures to the world? Make sure to follow all these tips overtime you take a picture.

Comment down your Instagram usernames and I might just follow you! Also, let me know if you would like to read a ‘How To Take Better Selfies’, post.

PS, don’t forget to check out my last post, here.

Signing off,




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