How To Beat Procrastination!

Hello, fellow procrastinator! Yes, you know, you are a one just like the rest of the people in this world.

Procrastination is…wait, do I really need to explain it? Because I am sure everyone is a pro at procrastinating.

There is always that voice behind your head saying “hey girl, you can finish cleaning your room later on, now just go watch some YouTube videos, forever” This totally needs to stop.

But, why not be a pro at some other useful thing? Like, completing your homework on time, cleaning your room from time to time or blogging at regular intervals (only if you are a blogger, duh)

If you are suffering from the disease called PROCRASTINATION, then you have come to the right post. Because, I might have some useful tips which would help you say bye to your-procrastinator-self.


Set deadlines for yourself for a particular task. It may be completing that long boring English essay about Rasputin. I have experienced this monotonous task. But, what you can do is, set a time before which you have to complete the essay. If you have to submit it in 2 days, make it 1 day for yourself.

Divide & Schedule

Divide your lengthy tasks into small ones. After this is done, schedule your time. Take those small tasks and write down the time when you will actually sit down and finish it. This would keep your brain prepared to do the work.

Start With Something You Love

If, you have to finish off your Maths homework but you are bored and lazy as hell, then start the homework with your favourite topic. For example, you would like solving Algebra sums (what a joke, who even likes maths?), then start with doing those first and then go down like that.

Throw Away The Distractions

Not really, just clear out all the distractions which are stopping you from finishing your task. Distractions include, your phone, laptop, television and what not! Just let them go for sometime.

Reward Yourself!

This tip is related to my previous one. When you keep away the distraction, you can always reward yourself with watching one YouTube video when you have finished that particular task. Do not punish yourself.

List Down The Dis/Advantages

Write down all the advantages you will gain after bringing your task to a close. This will motivate you to actually do it. You can also, list down all the disadvantages as this will also motivate you to do it.


Voila! Say bye to your-procrastinator-self because if you follow these tips, I am sure you won’t even think of procrastinating ever again. Don’t thank me(even if you aren’t)

Were these tips helpful? Let me know in the comment section below!

Signing off,

Reet Lonari







5 thoughts on “How To Beat Procrastination!”

  1. Oh dear. Procrastination is my number one disease. Oops. But diving tasks really helps! What I find though is that I need to start with the things I dread the most so I can end with the ones I love, otherwise I’ll just procrastinate some more after getting those done haha. Great post!


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