How To Make Friends In College!

Well, hey there! Have you ever met people, who make you laugh a little louder; make you smile a little brighter and make your life a little better? I am sure you have! But who were they? I know the answer, they are your friends. 

What is friendship? It is a promise, that you are there for them no matter what. That you will always love them. That you have their back, always.

Friends are very important in life. And you have to keep making new ones in life. If you are like me, and starting college in a few months then you have clicked on the right link. Making friends in college is essential but difficult. New people, new perspectives and new environment. But this shouldn’t stop you from putting yourself out there and making new social connections. Not only, will you make memories which you will cherish forever but also, at the end of your day you will always know there is someone who has your back.

With that said, here are some tips as to how to make friends in college!

Forget Your Stationery On Purpose In Class

From my perspective, the best way to make friends in class is by borrowing things from others. This way, while returning their things back to them, you could start a small talk. Keep in mind, don’t use this tip every single time because you don’t want to annoy them!

Help Help Help!

Help anyone who is in need. This will make them like you and their impression of you will be sterling.

Join A Club

Signup for a club and attend it regularly. Also, don’t forget to socialise with everyone. Try to impress them and be kind to them.

Be A Regular

Attend ALL college events and be confident and out yourself out there.

Show Your Hidden Bravery

Quit being shy and be brave. You aren’t going anywhere if you can’t approach a person.Take chances and regret nothing.

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Compliment people, if you like their outfit, tell them. If you like their haircut, tell them! Don’t keep compliments to yourself. But do not give fake compliments to people and do not be the next Regina George, EVER. Because we all know how she ends up.

Master The Art Of Introduction

Learn how to introduce yourself to new people, this makes you look confident which also creates a great first impression.

Be Yourself

Darling, be yourself because everyone else is already taken. (I am full of quotes, just appreciate it!) If you aren’t being yourself then you are portraying a false identity to your new friends which would cause problems in your friendship in the future.

Don’t Ignore Small Things

Remember small things about your new friends this proves them that they are important for you. Won’t you like it if someone remembered something small about you?


That’s it! Go make friends and don’t forget to tell them about my blog. Self promotion, you know!

Also, I have been blogging everyday so don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post from me, here.

Meet you tomorrow with a new blog post!

Signing off,

Reet Lonari


5 thoughts on “How To Make Friends In College!”

  1. Maybe another tip could be to choose the right type of friends meaning be with the people that you ENJOY being with as those type of friendships last the longest…

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