School Guide: Study Tips & Tricks!

Hellooo lovely! Having struggle with your study sessions? Not able to recall what you just memorized while missing your favourite TV show? I know how it feels to be there because I have gone through the same struggles for my finals.

But, don’t forget one thing, giving up is for losers and you are a winner so NEVER EVER give up! Just keep on moving and you will get there! Trust me, the more motivated you are the higher the chances are, for you to get the best grade on your exam.

Let’s just get on with the tips and tricks to ace all your examinations, because I know you are capable of it.

Writings On The Wall:

My very first tip is to print out motivational quotes and stick i anywhere you feel will help you out. For example, stick it near your study table or on your folders. The more places the better! Click here for any motivational quotes!

Study Before Sleep:

Study right before you go to bed, because while you are dreaming of riding on an unicorn, your brain is strengthening new memories which helps you remember things you read before sleeping permanently.

Spaced Repetition:

Study in small chunks rather than finishing memorising all the 50 maths formulas in one sitting! Start with 10 then take a break and do the other 10, by doing this you are giving time to your brain to take in what you have just learned.

Study Everywhere:

Do not study at the same place. Keep on switching your places to study at. This helps the brain associate the topic you are studying and the place where you are studying.

Study A Variety Of Things:

Study a bunch of different material in your study session. Doing the same thing can get monotonous therefore, if for example, you are solving multiplication sums for the past 10 minutes, change it to division sums for the next 10 minutes. This actually makes you think.

Quiz Time:

Quiz yourself about what you have studied. This is a smaller version of the pop quiz, your tutor would have racked their brain on to prepare. Quizzing yourself helps you know if you have understood a topic better.

ROL- Read Out Loud:

Read your notes aloud, this includes visual and verbal learning.

Hit Your Local Coffee Shop:

Coffee and tea helps to keep you and your brain alert which is helpful when you have been staring at your wall for the past 30 minutes. But, do not consume any caffeine related drinks in the evening because it may hamper your sleep which is very important while your exams.

Say Bye To Anxiety:

Just before starting your long exam, meditate. It reduces anxiety and boosts your attention span. Even meditating for 3 minutes is good.

Make A Routine:

Create a routine for your study sessions. This makes your brain prepared to study at that particular time everyday.

Flash Your Flashcards:

Make flashcards as it is an easy way to learn different topics. I personally love flashcards, I loved it so much that I made it for each and every subject.

GOTD-Goal Of The Day:

Why isn’t GOTD a popular hashtag like OOTD? Anyways, keeping a goal for the day motivates you to actually finish off the thing. Increases productivity and decreases procrastination.

These were all the tips which I thought would be useful for you. Let me know which one is your favourite amongst them and also if you have any other tips let me know that too!

All the best, if you have any important tests coming up. You have got this!

Also, I had a post go live yesterday, you can check it out here.

Signing off,




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