What To Do When You Are BORED!

Well, hello there fellow human being! How are you? Bored? Have nothing that you feel like doing at this moment? I might have a small gift for you in the form of, 16 ideas of things you could do right now..if you are bored, of course! 

Sometimes, you are just not in a mood of doing anything productive then that feeling is followed by boredom! Boredom, for me is like a disease, it is so scary because you absolutely lose your mind when you have nothing fun to do. But don’t worry, I am here with a cure for this disease, let’s just get on with the ideas, shall we?

  1. Cook! : You can cook something to fill you hungry stomach or to just fill your Instagram feed with a good photo of your beautiful meal.Or, you can find a delicious recipe on Pinterest and prepare it for your family! Here is an amazing recipe for you!
  2. Photoshoot!: Convince your best friend and have a photoshoot where you both take turns to dress up and click insta-perfect pictures of yourself! Isn’t this idea #perfect?  ba367eaa0613a481a63dff24a5e38fa6
  3. Take up a hobby! : Think of a thing you have always wanted to do, whether it is joining a dance class, or a guitar class or just starting a blog! My blogging career started this way, I was bored and wanted to do something good with my life then I entered into the blogging world!
  4. Find and Download new music! : Look for music which isn’t famous yet, this way you’ll have more amount of songs to listen to and who knows, you might find a new favorite band too!                                                                                                                                     large (1)
  5. Bake! : Either a cake or delicious cookies! But, be careful and don’t burn them all, I am speaking from experience!                                                                                                             large (2)
  6. Find new YouTubers! : Don’t you get bored of watching the same old faces on YouTube videos, why not find some new ones who aren’t popular like others yet?
  7. Read Blogs! : Yes! Read blogs and show us bloggers some more love! Just kidding! I’m not promoting myself here, but just read blogs of people around the world, get to know them and their perspectives about different things! Wait a minute, did you just stumble upon my blog for that reason?
  8. Window shop online! : Go on your favorite online stores and just add whatever you like in the cart and when you are done just check your total amount, laugh and sign off! This my favorite thing to do when I’m bored! Sorry not sorry!                                         large (3)
  9. Make a music video! : I absolutely find this a lot of fun! You can choose your favorite song, re-arrange your room a bit and film a music video! If it turns out good, upload it in YouTube!                                                                                                                                           ae5b6da8e6bc097e91585c7aa11456b4
  10. Look for workout videos! : I always prefer working out with the help of YouTube (No, I am not paid to promote Youtube, I just love it a lot) You can search a workout type and there will be billions of videos there for you, also it is a great way to motivate yourself too!
  11. Clean your room! : Admit it, no matter how much you try to deny it, your room isn’t that close to being clean too! So what are you waiting for? Just get working, after reading my whole article, obviously!                                                                                                    large (4)
  12. Binge watch TV shows on Netflix! : Get comfy in your bed, with some popcorn and a great TV show to watch! What else do you need in life?                                                              45f759c1df9fe20d19052f4aa59e062e
  13. Stalk celebrities online! : Don’t lie, you know you have done this before! Stalking your favorite celebrity on Instagram and Twitter is pretty normal these days, what’s not normal is not stalking them online!
  14. Draw/Colour/Paint! : So what if you are 15, 18 or even 21? You still can take a coloring book and some crayons and just pass your time, enjoying what you once did!                  large (6)
  15. Dance! : You are enjoying yourself as well as burning some calories while dancing, your life is complete!                                                                                                                               large (8)
  16. Take a NAP! : When all things fail, sleep comes to save! Just take a short nap and feel energized later or take a long one and feel even m0re energized!                                            large (9)

These were all the new ideas I could come up with! May you never sit on your couch staring at the ceiling and thinking of some abstract things again!

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Now signing off,



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