‘I Have Nothing To Wear’

Hey people! Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe for about 45 minutes, to find a perfect outfit for the day? Well, you’d be lying if you said no! Everyone goes through this #girlstruggle, every single day, I know I do! That’s why I came up with 4 tips which will prevent you from saying ‘I have nothing to wear’. This way your pockets would be full and you would be able to spend your money on something other than clothes!

  • Starting with the first tip, list down all the wardrobe must haves and tick off the clothing items which you have. And, if by chance, you don’t have some clothing then save up your money and work harder than ever and buy that must-have! Once you do this, you’ll not have to spend heck lot of time straining your legs in front of your wardrobe!
  • Next tip, is to get rid of all the outdated clothes which are still comfortably sitting at the back of your wardrobe. Don’t cling to it just because, you wore that T-shirt when you met Leonardo Dicaprio for the first time (it doesn’t cost a penny to dream, right?). My main point here is, don’t keep storing the clothes which have become out of the fashion league now because obviously you won’t be wearing it so it’s better if it’s gone! You’ll have more space for the new ones! Am I right ladies?
  • My third tip is to, sell off any clothes which don’t fit you anymore but are still in the best condition. This way, you will earn some money and also have some more space for that pink fur coat that you have always wanted!
  • My last tip is to, ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSET! Organize it in such a way that you won’t have to spend a lot of time racking your brain as to what to wear! Find tips on Pinterest on how to organize your closet efficiently or if you want, I might just make another post all about that! Leave me a comment below if you would like that!

These were all the tips I could jot down! Hope you never say ‘I have nothing to wear’ ever again! Have a great day and keep in touch with me on my social media!

Signing off,




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