Stay Motivated: New Year Resolutions

A very happy new year to all you amazing peeps!! Hope you have a stunning 2016 and all your resolutions accomplished! Worried about the resolutions? Don’t worry, I have 5 tips to stay motivated throughout the year!

  1. Apps – Download apps on your phone related to your resolution. It will be a kind of reminder an motivator for you the whole year. For example, you can download a app which would remind you to drink water from time to time and ta-daaa, your resolution to drink more water is accomplished!
  2. Write and paste – Write or print your resolution and paste it at a place where you could read it very often. This way you could remember and stay motivated the whole time.
  3. Make a right and realistic resolution – This way you will be encouraged to complete the resolution as you know it is not something impossible.
  4. Discuss – Talk about it with your friends and family, this will make them motivate you throughout the year which will be a great help!
  5. Reward – After completing a resolution , reward yourself! This will make you happy after doing so much hard-work! But, don’t go overboard with the resolutions, keep it as short and simple as you can.

That’s it! All the best with your resolutions and have an amazing first day of 2016!


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