New Year Resolutions For A Better You

New year resolutions are pretty difficult to maintain. At the start of the year you are going on the right track with them but as you go forward in the year the resolution just turn into mere wishes you once had. To tackle this problem, today I have 12 monthly resolutions which would help you become a better person by the end of the year. All you have to do is, fully concentrate on the resolution of the month, that’s it! Below are resolutions month wise, you can change it to your comfort.

  1. January – Drink more water!
  2. February – Make breakfast a significant meal in your diet plan.
  3. March – Read more books.
  4. April – Set up a monthly budget and stick to it.
  5. May – Learn something you were always interested in.
  6. June – Do not skip your meals.
  7. July – Make working out your priority.
  8. August – Spend more time with your family.
  9. September – Be more optimistic about everything.
  10. October – Do things that will help you love yourself more.
  11. November – Become a morning person.
  12. December – Drop one bad habit.

These are all the resolutions which would help you become a better person than you are now because nobody is perfect but you can always keep improving yourself to go closer to becoming perfect. Have a great last day of 2015, I hope it was as amazing as you are!



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