New Year’s Eve: Home Edition

New Year’s Eve, the most exciting evening of the whole year. It ends a stunning year and gives a great start to a new year filled with upcoming adventures of life. It’s not necessary to celebrate this evening with a party like all the non-party-people would agree with me. So, today I have 10 ideas to make this extravagant evening even better, at home. Yes, you read it right, you can still welcome the new year with a blast at your house! Let’s just get on with the ideas!

P.S- Only 3 days of 2015 left! Can’t believe it!

  1. Countdown Bag –  This is a great way to countdown every hour till midnight. Just fill the bags with ideas to do every hour. Ideas like watch a movie, play a game and all that fun stuff.
  2. New Year’s Eve Reflection – Prepare 20 questions which would help recollect the memories of the past year.
  3. DIY Balloon Drop – Make a homemade balloon drop and pull the string at midnight. Not only the kids but the adults would love it too!
  4. Resolution Generator This generator helps you generate a random resolution for the year for you.
  5. Bubble Wrap Stomp – For this buy a huge bubble wrap from your local store and at midnight spread it on the floor and let the kids or even the adults stomp it. It would feel like firecrackers at the end of the countdown!
  6. New Year’s Tree – Take all your Christmas decoration off your tree and decorate it with inexpensive new year decoration. Voilaa!
  7. Movie Marathon – Just sit back and have a great movie marathon until midnight.
  8. New Year’s Eve Photoshoot – Prepare a photo booth and DIY some props to have an epic photoshoot!
  9. Prepare a meal/desert – Come together with your family and prepare a delicious meal or scrumptious desert together.
  10. Host A Sleepover – Call close friends over a have a huge sleepover.

These were all the ideas I could come up with and I could find on the internet. Hope you have a fun new year’s eve!


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