Stay Fit During The Holidays: Tips and Tricks!

With the holidays rolling in like a wrecking ball, staying fit is a huge task for all the beings around the world. No one, absolutely NO ONE can resist the scrumptious delicacies of Christmas. But you have nothing to worry about this year because I’ve got 14 tips and tricks for you to stay fit and motivated this Christmas or for that matter, any holiday time. Without wasting any time let’s just get on into the tips!

  1. Plan Ahead: Pre-plan your workout time and also your healthy meals. Pre-planning your workout time makes it easier for you to manage your everyday life well. Moreover, pre-planning your meals prevents you from snacking on unhealthy stuff in a hurry.
  2. My next tip is to find healthier alternatives for the winter snacks. Rather than munching on those greasy snacks you get easily at any time, you can find healthier alternatives which give you the same kind of satisfaction.
  3. The other fun tip is for you to find a workout buddy! It can be your best friend, your mom or dad or anyone you want! This would make the workout fun for you and also your buddy would be a walking-talking motivation to exercise!
  4. Another way to stay fit is to just basically get outside! Don’t let the cold stop you from getting out. You could just go hiking by wrapping yourself in warm clothes. To reward yourself yourself, you can come home and snuggle up in bed watching Netflix.
  5. This is a continuation of my last tip, this one is to treat yourself well after you are somewhat content with your workout life. You can either, enjoy your favorite unhealthy meal or watch a movie while sipping on some hot chocolate!
  6. Do more cardio! Not only does it help your body off set all those calories but also helps you de-stress. And it’s also a great and quick way to get into shape.
  7. Don’t forget, it’s a holi-DAY this means allot yourself few days to indulge into the Christmas-y snacks and beverages. This also means that you have to control yourself from laying your hands over these mouth-watering food items on the other days.
  8. Sometimes I know it’s hard to get out of your just so comfortable bed in the winter mornings therefore create an incentive for yourself to get out of your bed. Like, preparing a warm delicious breakfast or sipping on your favorite hot beverage in the morning.
  9. Get some fitspiration online! Rather than just scrolling through your feed on Instagram or refreshing your Twitter, you could do something productive and search some exercises or pictures of healthy meals.
  10. Next, try to be physically active for 30 minutes everyday if you are not able to go to the gym that day.
  11. To motivate yourself more, you can DIY some inspirational quotes and put it all over your house or room.
  12. Keep a journal, this is one of my most favorite tips. If you are not motivated at all to go to the gym or just exercise at home then you could write all your thoughts and feelings in the journal. Then after finishing your workout you have to write your thoughts and feelings post workout. This is a great motivation and I am very sure the next you don’t feel like working out, just going through this journal will motivate you enough.
  13. Other tip is to download a fitness app, my personal favorite is PumpUp. This app provides you with personalized workouts just the way you want it to be.
  14. My last tip is to write your goal down and say it to yourself whenever you want it. Your goal maybe to exercise 5 times during a week or losing 1 pound in a week. It can be anything!

These were all the tips I could think of! Hope you have fit and healthy holidays this year and for all the years  coming.


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