The Vanity Affair|Nashik

Second huge event in just a month? Well, I am actually having the time of my life haha!

So the other day, that is the 15th of April I got the chance to visit one of the most glamorous and remarkable events of my hometown, Nashik! It’s not often that we get to experience such a jamboree in this city, so whenever we actually do – we grab the bull by the horns! Not literally, duh! Continue reading “The Vanity Affair|Nashik”


The Lil Flea| Mumbai

One thing I like about Summer is, it has just so so so many festivals, concerts and what not! You can really have the time of your life if you have the ability to ignore the perfect and pleasant weather (ha! What am I even saying?)

So the other weekend, I wended my way to The Lil Flea which was at Jio Garden BKC, Mumbai. I have been hearing about it for the past 2 years but never got the chance of visiting it! Fortunately, I got the opportunity this year and attended my first Summer festival/ flea market for this year! How exciting is that!

And what’s even more exciting is that I have pretty lil snapshots of the event for all those who couldn’t visit it this year. Well, keep the ‘thank yous’ on hold for now. Continue reading “The Lil Flea| Mumbai”

Summer Reading List

Summer is finally here! But, for the first time I am not enjoying this weather at all – it’s freaking 40 degrees where I live! Like what the hell! This kind of weather shouldn’t be ALL. Am I right?

But one good thing about this lovely yet horrifying weather are the holidays! If of course, you are still studying like me. Holidays mean only one thing to me (or maybe, two) that’s reading all day long and binge watch TV shows when I am tired of reading and that’s quite rare. Continue reading “Summer Reading List”

Say Hey To White 2.0

Well well well, guess who’s back?

I feel like I have more ‘comeback’ posts than any anyone in this entire blogging community.

Anyway, getting back to the topic – the second outfit styling white shoes is FINALLY here! YAY! I hope it was worth the wait and also, I hope you have read my previous post so that you aren’t clueless right now. Here is the link. Continue reading “Say Hey To White 2.0”

Say Hey To White!


Okay let me start by saying that I know the title of this post is not amazzinggg, but I tried okay? Thank you.

So white shoes are seriously the real MVP in the fashion industry nowadays. Well, not the real MVP on the ramp but the street. Ha! See what I did there? Continue reading “Say Hey To White!”

What To Wear: Cafe Crawl II Finale

Okay so first lets get all the doubts cleared (if in case you have any, duhhh).

I am sure your first question would have been ‘What’s cafe crawl?’, that’s only if you don’t live in Nashik or if you do, you’ve been living under a rock.

So, Cafe Crawl is a chain of events brought by Fitoor.Inc  at all the cool and hip places of the town. So, tomorrow that is the 29th January Fitoor.Inc is bringing you the Finale of Cafe Crawl. And one thing I am VERY sure about is that you definitely can’t miss this event. You HAVE to be there. But, if you’re worrying about to wear for this event then you need not worry. I have three chic last minute outfits ready for you here *smirks* Continue reading “What To Wear: Cafe Crawl II Finale”

All Grey ft. Sweater Dress

Hi there!

Okay I know this post was supposed to go up on Friday but, the person writing this (that’s me) is a huge procrastinator and when I say huge, it literally means HUGE!

Anyway, today’s post is inspired by my most adored colour: grey. I know I know, it’s such a dull colour but there’s actually something very beautiful about it. I don’t know what it is but I am just obsessed with it. Isn’t it just so gorgeous? Okay, I’ll stop obsessing over a colour.

Continue reading “All Grey ft. Sweater Dress”